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About Us

One of the pioneers on the island, for the manufacture of men and ladies’ ready made uniforms.

What We Do

Yorkie Clothing has been supplying and manufacturing uniforms for schools for over fifty years. The company was incorporated in 1966 but started in 1962 and have supplied uniforms for all colleges and schools to be found in Malta directly or through established shops such as Paces of Sliema and Valletta plus others to previously operating in Paola, B’kara, and many other towns. Yorkie was originally known for the manufacture of Blazers, skirts, trousers, shorts, and other products. Today we supply complete school uniforms especially the government colleges where the company is the recognized as the sole official supplier of college uniforms.

Our products are chosen, from suppliers who are especially selected because they can provide us with competitive prices for our products but more importantly they do this not at the expense of our quality standards, plus are able to supply constant quality goods in terms of colorfastness, appropriate weight of fabrics and that the ultimate uniforms supplied are of materials that provide a comfortable soft fit, durable material and always in the right composition, required by the Ministry of Education. The company ensures that any complaints of customers are each individually studied and wherever in doubt the customer always wins. We judge our service by the care we give to our customers knowing that we are providing our best care and product. We pride ourselves on our customer service.