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Favourite Fictional Uniforms

23 July, 2018
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Not only has the Harry Potter franchise taken the world by storm, its mysterious school castle, fascinating lesson subjects and iconic uniform had us all wishing we were back at school, just in Rowling’s fictional world! 


The team at Yorkie – reputable school uniform supplier in Malta - casts a spotlight on what must be the world’s most beloved fictional school: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Because who wouldn’t love to attend the wizarding world’s most prestigious school, with all seven of the ancient castle’s floors, its cathedral ceilings, secret passages, vaulted walls, and ever-changing staircases that seem to have a mind of their own! 


And what’s a boarding school without an instantly-recognisable uniform? The Hogwarts garb must be worn during all lessons, whilst having meals in the Great Hall and revising in the castle’s study hall or library. During their free time, students are allowed to wear their own clothes, be it while chilling in their dorms or out breaking the rules in the Forbidden Forest. 


However, there’s a discrepancy between the uniforms described in the books and those seen in the movies. While in the books the daily uniform consists of a simple black robe and a pointed hat, the attire is way more exciting and enviable in the movies. Although all students get to wear the staple plain white buttoned shirt and grey trousers (for males) and pleated skirts and tights (for females), their ties and jumpers incorporate the colours of the house they represent.


Gryffindor’s house ties have thin stripes of red and gold that represent bravery, Slytherin’s ambitious and cunning students wear green and silver, yellow and black is reserved for Hufflepuff’s dedicated and loyal, while Ravenclaw’s brainy scholars wear blue and bronze around their necks. The same goes for Hogwarts’ grey knitted V-neck jumpers, with house-coloured necklines; and the cloaks carrying their respective house emblems. We’ve all fantasised about wearing a cloak - at least your children have graduation to look forward to! 


Having been a leading provider of work wear and school attire since 1966, we at Yorkie pride ourselves on our dedication to meet our clients’ specific needs and offer individual, one-on-one attention. So if you’re looking for top service and the best quality school uniforms Malta has to offer, come over to Yorkie.


Alternatively, check out our new online shop which was designed to make ordering of uniforms as simple as possible by categorising them according to their schools. Make use of our size guide fitted with each product, as well as washing instructions listed below different pieces of clothing. Hogwarts’ uniforms may be washed in the laundry, located somewhere in the mysterious castle, and presumably operated by house-elves, but we’re afraid to say there’s no such option in the real world!

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