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Banish Those Wrinkles

6 August, 2018
How to Care For Your School Blazer

One of the most important features of a school uniform is undoubtedly the blazer. Not only does it add a more formal look to the overall outfit, but it’s also comfortable, durable and provides warmth during the colder, winter months. Having said that, it needs to be kept in tip top shape for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Here are a few tips on keeping your child’s school blazer in pristine condition, brought to you by Yorkie -  a leading school uniform supplier in Malta, Yorkie. 

Store it away carefully

In order to keep it free from creases and ugly wrinkles, it’s important not to fold the blazer; instead, it should be hung up on a suitable clothes hanger inside a wardrobe to allow the fabric to recover after a whole day of being worn. Use a proper clothes brush with soft bristles to remove any dirt particles or dust that may have accumulated on the surface material. 

Never wash your blazer 

Blazers should only be dry cleaned, as washing in a machine may damage the garment permanently. If you’re going to clean it at home, make sure that you buy a high quality dry cleaning kit with a clear set of instructions. Apply the stain remover first on any blemishes that you come across; afterwards, the blazer should be sealed in a dry cleaning bag. Check whether the blazer can be placed in a tumble dryer - if so, use the lowest heat setting possible. Finally, hang the blazer up to dry.  

Avoid dry cleaning blazers too frequently, as this may discolour or shrink the fabric. Once or twice every six months should usually be enough; to be absolutely certain, seek advice from a professional or check the care label. When ironing, use a cool iron with a damp cloth. 

Not sure what size blazer you should get?

If you’re using our online shop, you’ll find a size chart accompanying each product, complete with chest, sleeve, back and shoulder to shoulder measurements. However, if you want a more personal touch, you are more than welcome to visit our shop in Birkirkara which stocks a wide range of school uniforms in Malta. We take pride in supplying clothing of the highest quality and always make it a point to put our customers first, with our qualified and experience salespeople always ready to assist and lend a hand. For top service from the only government approved school uniform supplier in Malta, look no further than Yorkie! 

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