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Fictional Schools We Wish We Could Attend

27 August, 2018

Somehow, the wonders of fiction can produce academic institutions that incorporate the elements somewhat lacking in schools in the real world. Our team at Yorkie have singled out a number of fictional schools that are bound to have both you and your kids wanting to go running back to school! Warning: May cause pangs of jealousy.


1. The Hunger Games’ Training Centre

Not technically a school, but a training centre - more specifically, a skyscraper located in the centre of the Capitol, where tributes (participants chosen for the Hunger Games – in which there can  only be one survivor) live in five-star accommodation and train in preparation for the dreaded annual Hunger Games. 

Tributes practise for the challenges awaiting them in the arena in an underground gymnasium. Throughout the space, there are obstacle courses and tributes are free to make use of the various training stations, with the help of experts, which focus on different skills that may be useful in the arena – camouflaging, knot-tying, archery, identifying edible plants and insects, among others. 
...let’s just say this training centre takes a pretty hands-on approach to education.


2. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

It should come as no surprise that this fantastic fantastical world has made it on our list. After all, with lessons like potions, transfiguration, charms, flying, and divination, who wouldn’t want to attend! 
That’s not to say that school life just revolves around lessons! Students can spend their free time hanging out in their cosy dormitories or wandering around the expansive school grounds. From reading screaming books in the library to breaking the rules and exploring the forbidden forest, you could only have a dull moment at Hogwarts if you’re looking for one. 


3. Starfleet Academy (Star Trek)

Starfleet Academy is the science-fiction answer to Hogwarts, conveniently nestled in futuristic San Francisco. As expected from a top-tier school, this academy has gruelling admission regulations, including psychological tests and a six-week preparatory program. The resilient few who manage to enter could go on to study everything from medicine and Advanced Subspace Geometry to Xenolinguistics and prepare to operate the vast interstellar exploration ships of the Federation Fleet to boldly go where no one has gone before.


These three fictional schools are among many great examples which prove that education can be super fun!


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