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The First Day Back at School

3 September, 2018
5 Things That Always Happen

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Now that September’s here, it’s time to bid farewell to the long, lazy days spent at the beach and mentally prepare yourself for the long, hard grind year until next June. Having said that, nothing in life is without its positives - even the first day back at school! As leading providers of school uniforms in Malta, our team at Yorkie Uniforms share a few most common things we can all expect when returning to the classroom after summer break ends. 


1. That 6.00am Alarm

Not even one of the zombies from the Walking Dead move as slowly and slothfully as you do. Although there are a fair few things that you may be looking forward to on your first day back, waking up at the crack of dawn is definitely not one of them.


2. Seeing Your Van/Bus Buddies Again

One of the most strangely reassuring things about taking school transport to work every morning is seeing the same faces on the van or bus and exchanging news or gossip before starting the day. Not to mention the cheesy, 70’s disco music that the driver always seems to insist on playing at 7:00am. 


3. Meeting up With Old and Familiar Faces

From seeing all your classmates again to your favourite teachers, catching up with the people you’ve missed over the summer is arguably the best part of the first day back. 


4. The First Assembly

For most of you, it generally tends to mean 30 agonising minutes of hoping that you’ll end up being sorted into the same class as your BFF. Nine months without being able to exchange looks across the classroom or slipping secret notes under the desk? Nightmare. 


5. Out come the uniforms

The best thing about wearing a school uniform is not having to decide what to wear every morning. It’s back to the good old tie, blazer and shirt format, and looking forward to that one day in the week where you can get into that comfy P.E. tracksuit. 

As the only government approved school uniform supplier in Malta, Yorkie can help you with  your back to school shopping. Order everything you need online, or visit our store in Birkirkara, where we guarantee top customer service and strive to give you the best experience we can. For the highest quality in school uniforms Malta has to offer, contact us at Yorkie - we’re looking forward to meeting you! 

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