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Which of These Student Archetypes Are You?

10 September, 2018

The classroom is a place where students and teachers alike bounce off each other’s energy to create the dynamic environment it is. As a top school uniform supplier in Malta, Yorkie invites you to find out which of the following student archetype (s) you best relate to. 


1. The Class Clown

You are known to crack the class up every time you say something. You take on the entertainer role and wear the invisible badge proudly. How else is anyone going to get through the day without a bit of laughter?


2. The Know-It-All 

Also known as the mini devil’s advocate, you get pleasure from contradicting the teacher at any given opportunity.


3. The Hyper One

Identifiable by the way you are constantly fidgeting or moving, you definitely don’t have a calm fibre in your body.  Perhaps a warm mug of herbal tea will do the trick.


4. The Couldn’t Be Bothered

You can’t think of anywhere you’d rather be less than where you are now - class. When you eventually do show up to class, it is ten minutes late and in the form of a stroll – because what’s the rush? When the teacher asks you to offer some insight or opinion, your classmates have come to expect a shrug or (at best), an “I don’t know.”


5. The Hermione Granger 

That prestigious front row seat in class may as well have your name on it – it is reserved for you after all. Teachers love you for filling in the occasional silences when they ask a question and nobody answers. Your interest and enthusiasm - no matter the topic - are much appreciated. Perhaps contain your enthusiasm when it comes to reminding the teacher that they haven’t given you homework yet.  


6. The Natural Star

You ace exams without even trying. From algebra to sprinting, you seem to be good at everything. Unfair.


7. The Lost & Confused

If any word could sum you up in class, it would be “huh?” You are clueless as to what you are doing there, what page your book is meant to be open on, what year it is, even. Luckily, most find this somewhat endearing and find it hard to get angry at you.


8. The Artist
You live in a parallel universe, where ideas and creativity rule. You only seem to be interested in creative subjects and assignments, everything else is just noise. A sketch pad is never far away, and anyone who opens your school books will be treated to sketches, doodles and quotes.


Needless to say, there are many other ‘types’, and people often share traits from various categories. Which one(s) can you relate to best?


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