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Back to School: 5 Things to Look Forward To!

19 September, 2018

Hear that whooshing sound just go past your ears? Well, that’s the sound of your summer holidays coming and going. That’s right - September’s here, which only means one thing to most families: it’s back to school again! We can’t pretend that early morning wake-up calls and homework can ever compare to the carefree summer months; however, let’s be honest - there are a few things to look forward to when starting off the scholastic year. 

As a top provider of school uniforms in Malta, Yorkie shares a few things that make going back to school all the more bearable. 

1. It’s Like a Long-Awaited Reunion 

Catching up with friends you’ve not managed to see much over the summer is probably the best thing about the first day of school. From getting all the gossip to moaning about all the ‘O’ Level homework that’s in store this year, there’s a never ending list of things to chat about. 

2. A Fresh New Slate

A brand new school year means a brand new start. You have nine whole months ahead of you to get your grades up, and win over approval from the Maths teacher to prove to him or her that you’re not a total lost cause when it comes to algebra.

3. The First Week is Usually a Breeze

Most lessons revolve around what you’re going to do that school year rather than actually doing them. Homework tends to be “Buy new red file for History” or “Ask Mum to cover Italian book with plastic”. 


4. Malta’s Next Top (Student) Model 

New haircut? Got a tan? The first day back is a great opportunity to show off any summer makeovers. And we all know a few classmates who purposely have their hair blow-dried just for this specific day. 

5. Back to School Shopping

Sure, there are always too many books to buy, and that new Physics textbook may as well be written in Chinese for all you are able to understand it. But - new stationery! Fancy highlighters! Not to mention the odds and ends you can decorate your school locker with. 


If you still haven’t finished your back-to-school shopping and are in need of new uniforms, we at Yorkie are at your service. As the only government approved school uniform supplier in Malta, we have everything from school uniforms to any optional accessories that you or your children may need.


Pressed for time? No problem - order online from our new website, and have everything you need delivered to your door. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, come over to our store in Birkirkara, where we guarantee top-notch service and make sure every one of our customers leave with a smile. For school uniforms in Malta, look no further than Yorkie!


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