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Skills That Should be Mandatory Part of Any Syllabus

24 September, 2018

It seems that young adults are generally sent into the world with plenty of education but little practical skill to help them navigate through everyday life. While few could question the value of reading, writing and arithmetic, is this really everything we need to know? How well prepared are students to cope in the real life?

Your ability to function successfully as an adult will partly depend on the skills you acquire as a child or adolescent, which is why we at Yorkie - leading supplier of school uniforms in Malta - share some skills we think should definitely be taught from a young age!


Survival skills

โ€‹What should we do in an earthquake? What are the best self-defence techniques? People of all ages should be able to recognise the signs of dehydration and various other dangerous medical scenarios and know how to administer CPR. Emergencies can strike at any time, and first aid skills could be the difference between life and death. 


Debating skills

It’s good to know how to verbally express an opinion and counteract others’ arguments. Debating classes would encourage children to question topics such as politics and controversial issues, form their own opinions, listen to others’ and guide them on polite ways of disagreeing when necessary.


Study skills

From note-taking and memory techniques, many students don’t reach their full potential in exams because they don’t know effective studying approaches. Learning how to learn is the ultimate life hack, and should be taught from a young age.



How well do you understand the labels at the back of your breakfast cereal boxes? Did you know that fructose and sucrose are just two of many names that sugar goes by? A lot of nutritional information is hidden behind technical names within processed foods, and with the rise of obesity and diabetes, the need for proper nutritional education is urgent.



Speaking of nutrition, it is generally better for your health and pockets to cook at home rather than depend on pre-packaged foods, so knowing basic knife skills and cooking techniques will surely prove to be one of the most essential life skills!


Money Management

We finish school, start earning money and have no idea how to manage it. From budgeting to borrowing, correct money management is one of the main stressors in adulthood, after all.



The Japanese have been doing it for a while and we think it is high time it became a standard practice everywhere else. While most maintain that the home is the best place for teaching manners, others insist that etiquette should be reinforced to cultivate a respectful society. Other than the scheduled lessons, the Japanese national curriculum specifically instructs schools to promote the moral development of children through daily activities, such as cleaning the school and caring for plants and animals on the premises. 


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