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3 reasons why School Uniforms are important

11 September, 2019

The idea of wearing a tie and a blazer every day of the week might be a little difficult for the younger generation to understand, but take it from us: never underestimate the importance of a school uniform. The biggest advantages that come with having  standardised school attire might not be completely obvious at first glance, so we’re going to go through three of our favourite reasons why we think uniforms are awesome.


They help prevent bullying

A fundamental benefit of the use of school uniforms is that they remove any pressure your child might feel to wear a particular type or brand of clothing. Uniforms don’t just look tidy and smart - they level the playing field for every single student wearing one. If a student can’t afford to wear the flashiest fashion labels to school, they’ll be protected from being excluded by their peers thanks to a standardised school uniform. 


Uniforms and unity

Wearing a uniform gives students a sense of pride in their school and feeling of belonging. This way, students get an easy way to embrace their school spirit and feel a part of something bigger. Students are given a sense of identity and collective unity with their peers, representing their school through what they wear. A uniform, pressed with the school’s unique logo, helps each child to feel a sense of duty as a representative of their institution, preparing them, in a way, for the responsibilities of adulthood.


Better learning

School uniforms enable students to prioritise their studies ahead of more trivial things such as the clothes that they wear in class. It’s natural for kids of any age to get excited - and maybe a little distracted - about their outfit of the day. They might compare what they’ve picked out with what their friends are wearing, or get a little too concerned with the details of their chosen outfit, or chat with classmates about where they bought a certain article of clothing. 

This sort of chatter pulls their minds away from what really matters at school — their studies. Kids already have enough to focus on over a full school day, and this would only be another factor affecting their concentration.

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